GLOBAL SHALE GAS FORUM Berlin 6-8 September 2010.

Firma marcusevans – organizator “Global Shale GAS FORUM” w Berlinie zaprosiła Andrzeja Sikorę, Prezesa Zarządu ISE Sp. z o.o. do wygłoszenia drugiego dnia konferencji wykładu /Keynote Adress/ zatytułowanego:

“Dissolve Market and Institutional Barriers for Unconventional Gas Development in Poland”

Poniżej przedstawiamy streszczenie  wykładu Prezesa Andrzeja Sikory:

Below you can find proposed  title and abstract:

“Are there market and institutional barriers for development of the production of the unconventional gas in Poland?”

Summary – abstract:

Recent  huge  interest  of  the largest oil&gas companies in exploration of unconventional  gas in Poland draws attention on not only the opportunities but also the threads to the entire process of development of unconventional gas  production in Poland. Currently most experts are concerned on barriers for  exploration  and  production development phases, frequently forgetting about  gas  commercialization issues. Having in mind enormous costs related to unconventional gas production which could amount to even billion dollars such  approach  seems  to  be  quite  risky.  Some  companies could be very successful  in  finding and development of production and have no chance to fully  monetize  their achievements. Presentation will be examining current development  of  Polish  gas  market  in  terms  of physical and commercial infrastructure  necessary for trading prospective amounts of unconventional gas  as  well  as  legal  and institutional framework for facilitating such activities.  We  can  focus on potential market and infrastructure barriers for  development  of  large  scale  production and try to identify possible solutions  taking  into  consideration  probability of introduction of such changes.

Dissolve Market and Institutional Barriers for Unconventional Gas Development in Poland

  • Examine current development of physical and commercialinfrastructure in Polish gas market
  • Legal and institutional framework for unconventional gas tradingfacilitation
  • Potential market barriers for large scale shale gas production
  • Identify possible solutions and how to implement changes

You can see the presentation: 20100907_ISE_BERLIN


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