When “Druzhba” pipeline dries out?

Andrzej Sikora

President of the Board

Institute for Energy Studies Ltd. Warsaw, Polkowice


Key words:

Crude oil, pipeline, “Druzhba”, “Friendship”, BTS, refinery assets, processing,


The author deals with the subject of possible shortages or the change of the directions of oil deliveries, the change in the logistics structure of oil supply in Central Europe. The factors causing the present situation, the proprietary changes of refinery and logistic assets were described. The possible sources of pipe deliveries, apart from the sea logistics. The situation of Poland and Baltic states was emphasised. The possible influence of the pipeline logistics on the safety of deliveries and oil supply to refineries was described. The answer to  the title question is:” soon!”


1. Introduction

Heated debates around the shortage of the Russian gas deliveries to Poland are reported in the last weeks. The gas shortage makes the newspapers headlines, however does an average citizen of Poland or Central Europe comprehends the energetic (fuel) reality deprived pipeline oil deliveries? Probably not. There is now the second generation living with the conviction, that deliveries other than by „Druzhba”, although possible, are economically  less viable, and thanks to the existing infrastructure we enjoy cheaper petrol or diesel.  Besides, the majority (in the contrast to Russian rulers) treats the matter of the deliveries of oil and gas as two separate issues.  Few bother to try to comprehend energy policies of the largest raw materials super-power of Europe and Asia, in the context of hard line global policy conducted by duo Myedvyedyev/Putin. I would like  to focus for the moment on the bright Russian message sent from Westerplatte – on the „technical matter” of the Polish-Russian contract, and this has been mentioned  not in the context of THE EURO-POL-GAS, but the emerging issue of the lack of pipeline deliveries of oil to Poland.[...]

You can download the article here: WHEN DRUZHBA PIPELINE DRIES OUT


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