Central and Eastern Europe Oil and Gas Markets, 10-12 April 2016, Minsk, Belarus

Dr inż. Andrzej Sikora, prezes Instytutu Studiów Energetycznych, uczestniczył w konferencji Central and Eastern Europe Oil and Gas Markets, podczas której wygłosił prezentację na temat „Visegrad group oil and gas outlook” (do pobrania). Spotkanie odbyło się w dniach 10 – 12 kwietnia 2017 roku w Mińsku na Białorusi.

Więcej o konferencji:

The conference aims to provide a detailed analysis of the oil and gas markets of Central and Eastern Europe – Belarus, Visegrad countries (Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary), Romania, Bulgaria, the Baltic States, Ukraine, the European part of Russia both in terms of regional retail, commercial and industrial consumption and in the context of international pipeline, refining and innovation projects.


- conditions and evolution of oil and gas markets of Central Europe, Belarus, Ukraine, the Baltic states, European Russia, crude and gas supplier countries to this region and export markets for the region’s refiners, traders and transit operators

- trade flows for crude, products and gas within the region, pipeline, rail and marine logistics to support these flows

- the region’s refining – commercial and technological positioning of the leading refiners of Belarus, Lithuania, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine

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